Dog Toys – Choosing the Right One For Your Pet

Dog Toys - Choosing the Right One For Your Pet

Every dog owner can never have enough toys to go around but there are a few main types of dog chew toys that a dog owner should be able to find for their pooch. Chewing is a part of the canine diet so if they have enough toys to chew on, they will not be inclined to drop them out of the tree, from their kennel or in some other way have them suffer.

Of course, some dogs chew on things they find. However, these items are usually the chew toys that are rated for the particular breed of dog. Toy rated toys are the most popular and often the best for your dog. They can either be firm or soft based on the needs of your dog.

If your dog is a chewer, the easy type of dog chew toys are those that have rubber grips that allow the dog to get a hold of it with the mouth or feet. These are called chew toys for this reason. The rubber grips are the easy option for both training and playing with your dog.

Other types of toys that your dog can play with include their favorite stuffed toys. Again, some dogs like the chew toy to be firm and others like a softer option. However, the dogs can easily pull on the end of the toy so you want to make sure that you buy one that can be worn as a loose dog chew toy.

In addition to the easy, firm and soft options, there are also the several types of toys for dogs that they might play with that are made of cloth or that are leather, vinyl or plastic. You will see a wide variety of items that are made of these materials that are designed for dog play. There are some dog chew toys that are hard plastic and even a tennis ball with a chain on it.

Some dogs are allowed to chew on the stuffed animals that are made for them and some dogs just like to suck the skin off the toys to have something to chew on. Keep in mind that your dog will not chew the cloth stuffed animals but some dogs enjoy the skin on them. For example, if the dog wears a sweater they will chew on the sweater.

Dog chew toys that are meant for the chewers and chew toys that are meant for the squeakers are in that latter category. Some dogs like to pick at their toys while others are too gentle to take a chance on them. Just make sure that you get a toy that is appropriate for the dog’s size.

Whether you choose a dog toy or items to be thrown away because they are not good enough for your pet, remember that all dog toys should be washed and thoroughly dried before they are placed in a drawer or cupboard. Dog toys should also be stored away from children and pets as some types of dog toys can be harmful if they come into contact with children or other pets.

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