Smart Cleaning Tips for Shoppers and Home Makers

smart cleaning tip

The rising cost of living has seen so many of us get much busier. It is no longer a purely Western lifestyle to have partners within the same home working 2-3 jobs daily. Many people will agree there is little time to even perform routine tasks such as cleaning. Here are a few smart cleaning tips for families working hard to make a little bit extra money – often used by professional house cleaners.

Based on our modern lifestyle vacuums and other cleaning appliances are finding their way into homes. We are eating a lot more snacks and junk food than before – we need to adjust fast to benefit not just from the opportunities but to also live life and enjoy the comforts we are pursuing.

  1. Smart cleaning tips: Shut Off your Phone

It is not just in the home, many offices, public institutions will not allow you to use your phone on the premises. It can be a big distraction and with the few minutes at your disposal you are better off working without it – of course then you need to clean at very specific times.

  1. Smart cleaning tips: Swap your soaps

Cleaning today will often require a more intuitive approach – smart and fast. Your ability to do the job well and in time suggests you need to be aware of various product benefits and have them in your home when needed. Soaps for instance that could keep the shower walls and floors shining contain glycerin or vegetable oil – a good replacement for tallow based soap. There should be no gummy scum crusting your shower walls with these soaps.

  1. Smart cleaning tips: Do the easy stuff first

When cleaning begin with the easy areas of the house. Low traffic areas will often require a few adjustments to cushions and vacuuming that can be done in minutes.

Smart cleaning advice/tips would imply leaving rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom for later. Starting with simple tasks often motivates you to working on the areas that require more attention.

  1. Smart cleaning tips: Use the dishwasher

Dishwashers are very effective for routine cleaning and will do a great job when used to clean toothbrush holders, dish drainers, and other often neglected household accessories.

The dishwasher will work with all the above household accessories regardless of their material; plastic, glass, ceramic and metal are all fair game for modern dishwashers. In practice this smart cleaning tip requires you place these items in the top shelf of your dishwasher.

  1. Smart cleaning tips: Use the Squeegee

Develop the habit and teach others to follow this simple routine. Regular use of a squeegee will ensure that after showering instead of leaving a film that turns to grime soap and shampoo residue is removed completely. Often the little that remains after squeegeeing is washed away with water.

  1. Smart cleaning tips: Steam the Microwave

Cleaning the kitchen can be hectic especially if you have a number of electronic appliances. The microwave is one of those often used appliances and can be quite unsightly after a relatively short time. If left unattended Oily residue and splattering food remnants can be difficult to remove within a few days.

Cleaning professionals advise that to avoid this place a cupful of water in a mug or measuring jug and heat for 2-3 minutes. This smart cleaning tip  ensures that the steam softens the oil and food residue making your oven much easier to wipe down.

  1. Smart cleaning tips: Shake the crumbs on the floor

If you have pets in the house this problem will be a lot worse.

When working on dust you should always follow the top to bottom rule. In each room begin with curtains, bookshelves, mantels and lampshades shaking and letting dust and dirt fall to the floor.

This technique ensures that when you eventually run the vacuum all the dust will be removed from the room and you will not have to repeat the procedure too often.

  1. Smart cleaning tips: Service the vacuum regularly

Vacuums are designed in varying styles for various reasons; common designs include bagless, canister, bagged etc. regardless of the model and care instructions at least once a month pay some attention to this valuable home cleaning appliance.

If it uses a bag change it, wipe it thoroughly and remove anything that can hamper wheel rotation, clean the rotating brushes, and ensure it is in good shape. Experts in household cleaning also sugest that another smart cleaning tip is to ensure you take the vacuum to your local repair shop at least once each year.

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